Make Business Fun!
Laugh all the way to the bank!
What gets attention?
Funny Radio & TV spots
Funny media holds a special place in our hearts and heads.
We're especially capable when it comes to humorous takes
on your message due to our unique skill sets.
Here are a few reasons to trust the Meatballs to
deliver funny spots that deliver the goods:
• Gino & Hank built hundreds of funny TV spots for
Boston's regional superstation TV38, as well as dozens of comedy sketches
for local programming, including the annual, world-famous
TV38 3 Stooges New Year's Eve Marathon!
• Kevin & Hank spent a decade as radio comedy contributors to
Boston's legendary "The Big Mattress" on WBCN-FM & WZLX-FM,
as well as other radio morning shows.
• All of the Meatballs have learned a thing or ten about comedy
from working with the immensely gifted Ms. Marcia Masters.
We were stunned at her passing on October 30th and keep
a tribute page online as a respectful tribute to her talents.
We feel lucky to have had the pleasure of
knowing and working with Marcia.
The Meatballs believe that humor works for you
in ad spots and other communications media.
Our spots cut through the boring sea of advertisements
to get your business noticed and remembered.
funny sells!
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